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Come and join us for #BizTrust One to One Coaching (OTOC) 2021.


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What’s the Benefits of #BizTrust Seal?

#CustomerTrust = Let your customers shop confidently as they know your shop is safe and secure when you have the BizTrust Seal.

#BusinessSafety= When you comply to the BizTrust Services Principles and Criteria, you can run your business more smoothly.

#Credibility = Customers will be able verify your business by checking your certificate when they click the BizTrust Seal.




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Teh Amirah, Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tempoh Pendaftaran Percuma SSM BizTrust Dilanjutkan


Syarat Pendaftaran :

  • Entiti berdaftar dengan SSM
  • Mempunyai laman web / media sosial
  • Mematuhi etika perniagaan dalam talian


Tunggu apa lagi??! Jangan lepaskan PELUANG ini !!

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Monitoring BizTrust seals 

  1. Once a BizTrust Seal is issued, the online trader may continue to display the seal on its website and will have to renew the assurance seal periodically. 
  2. The monitoring of BizTrust Seal may depend upon the online trader’s operation; the frequency of changes to the online trader’s systems and policies; and the professional judgement of Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).
  3. However, if the online trader is no longer in compliance, the online trader must remove the seal from its web site. 
The seal will remain valid for one year, plus a ninety day grace period, unless it is revoked or suspended. The grace period is provided to allow sufficient time for completing the follow-up review.
If SSM determines that the online trader’s systems, policies and disclosures fail to comply with the BizTrust Services Principles and Criteria at any time or if the online trader fails to renew the seal through a follow-up review at the end of one year, SSM will immediately notify the online trader and advise that the seal must be removed from the online trader’s web site and any printed or online materials.
SSM may restore a BizTrust Services Seal after it has been revoked or suspended if an unqualified report can be rendered. SSM may either reinstate the original report if it is once again accurate or issue a new report.


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